Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg (YOFO) is a non-profit yoga studio based in downtown Fredericksburg.  We offer donation based classes  ($5 to $10 suggested donation) at our studio and at various area venues.  Your donations help YOFO fund free yoga classes for the underserved community.

YOFO grew out of a vision of Stacey and John McLaughlin and Steve Watkins, born out of their love for yoga and for their community of Fredericksburg.  These three friends have personally benefited from yoga and wanted to offer these benefits to their entire community, especially to those most in need. 

The Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg provides free yoga classes for seniors, adults, children and teens, especially those who are unable to get to or afford a private yoga studio.  We work with children who are at-risk or who have special needs. We also provide free family- and wellness classes for special populations such as military families and trauma victims. Over the past two years we have taught hundreds of free classes at the juvenile detention center, at a school for emotionally disturbed children and teens, at area pre-schools and early elementary schools, and at a halfway house for teen offenders, among others. We have also taught hundreds of free family yoga classes, and classes for military members and veterans and their families.

At our YOFO studio we offer a variety of hot and regular yoga classes on a donation basis. Suggested donation for these classes is $5 to $10 based on one’s ability to pay. These donations will be used to pay studio expenses, support our yoga teachers, and cover the costs of free classes in the community.

We share the belief held by many that yoga can be transformational–helping create connections and balance between mind, body, and breath: healing and strengthening individuals and in turn whole communities–which is why we are working to make yoga accessible and affordable to people of all abilities throughout the Fredericksburg area. 

If you would like us to come to your facility to offer yoga for your community please contact us.