Audrey A Aird
E-RYT-200 Yoga /Pilates Instructor (Mat) A 200-Hour Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher and certified Pilates instructor.  I have been practicing yoga for over 15 years, and teaching for over 8 years. Yoga along with Pilates is my passion and I enjoy sharing these teachings with everyone. I believe Yoga is for everyone, and during classes I try to create a safe and welcoming environment for students to explore their bodies and their limits. Students can expect modifications for those looking for a more gentle practice as well as amplifications for those looking for an extra challenge. Wherever you are, I encourage moving with mindfulness and ease, and making your practice an offering. I love assisting students in becoming stronger, relieving stress, preventing injury, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  I truly believe yoga can be good for everything and everyone, and recognizes all students come to class for many different reasons.   I am very grateful for every opportunity to share the practice with others, and I hope students leave my class feeling both more energized and more relaxed than when they came.

Maggie Bautista
Maggie began practicing yoga to increase balance in her life. She soon discovered that a strong physical practice could become a moving meditation, helping her disconnect and bring awareness inward. While the physical challenges always bring Maggie to her mat, the mental benefits are what led her to complete the 200-hour teacher training. The “perfectly imperfect” practice of yoga inspires Maggie to continue learning, and teaching allows her to give back to the community. As a teacher, Maggie’s intention is to empower students on their mat so they can live yoga off their mat.

Marina Bonanno
Born in Florida, Marina has lived in VA since she was ten years old and graduated from UMW in 2014. Exploring yoga at first as a way to relieve stress, Marina found that incorporating a yogic mindset played an integral role in her growth, confidence, and overall quality of life. Inspired to share her practice with others, Marina decided to pursue her RYT-200 training in 2015. Marina emphasizes the connection between mind, body, breath and movement and believes that yoga has a wide range of both physical and mental benefits for people of all ages. Her classes encourage students to take on new challenges with an emphasis on modifications, listening to their bodies and expelling judgment.

Rebekah Conrad_cropped (1)

Rebekah Conrad
Rebekah first pursued yoga 10 years ago when she was looking for ways to find relief for work-related stress that had developed into chronic neck and back pain. After only a few classes she was surprised to experience a level of physical and emotional transformation that kept her returning for more. In 2010, Rebekah earned her 200-hour yoga teacher certification with Devalila Yoga in NJ and has been a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) with Yoga Alliance ever since. She has continued her training through a variety of workshops focusing on core strength with Sadie Nardini, the principles of yoga for scoliosis with Elise Browning Miller, and more in-depth anatomy and alignment with YogaFit. Acknowledging that no two bodies are alike, Rebekah encourages her students to practice mindfully and safely within the integrity of their own bodies, offering a variety of modifications and detailed alignment cues

Laura Fazarro
Laura began practicing yoga 10 years ago following an injury that refused to heal.  What began as a way to gain access to injured and stiff parts of her body, became a journey in yoga that continues to today.  Making annual trips to Mysore, India to study Ashtanga yoga with the Jois family, she was authorized to teach by Sharath Jois in 2012.  Laura also completed a Yogaworks 200 RYT training in 2010. Solely focusing on Ashtanga yoga, Laura remains a constant and dedicated student of the practice.  Combing her athletic, military, and comedic leanings, her teaching style is light, compassionate, and consistent.


Christine Garman, MEd
Christine Garman has a Master’s in Education (MEd.), is a licensed teacher in early childhood special education, and is an RYT-200. She has been practicing a variety of yoga styles for almost 2 decades, truly focusing on the body, mind and spirit connection. Christine has also completed a training with Radiant Child on Yoga for children with ADHD, Autism & those differently-abled. She enjoys blending hatha and kundalini yoga in her practice and in her classes. When not on her mat, she enjoys outdoor adventures with her family!

Eve Kagan

Eve Kagan
Eva is a 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher, actress, writer, and international educator. She has lived all over the world, from Uganda to Kathmandu to Munich, rolling out her mat wherever she goes. Eve has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and has been teaching since 2007. Her classes focus on the connection between body and breath, balancing the physical challenge of asana with a spirit of creativity and kindness. Eve’s students have ranged from age 2 to 72 (even the babies in the bellies of her prenatal students benefit from yoga!) – she is adept at adapting the practice, making yoga accessible to every body. Eve delights in yoga and relishes the opportunity to share it with others.


Stephanie Lorin
Wife and mother of four, I recently moved to Virginia from Oregon, which is where my love of yoga began. Having attended classes for years, I decided that I too wanted to share my passion for the practice with other people. In 2012, I received my 200-RYT certificate and hope to complete my 500 hour modules as I am able, but for the time being I teach as much as I can and spend time on my personal practice. I love to read, take clinics and learn as much as I can about anatomy, incorporating what I learn into what I teach on the mat.  Integrity is my favorite motto in yoga and life.  My hope is to make a difference in someone’s life every day. 


Lisa Mitchell
Lisa has a background in health science, and has always been a health enthusiast. After Lisa began to practice yoga ten years ago, she realized it was an incredible resource to help her with her ADD, anxiety and eating disorder. She found peace retiring from clinical patient care and since graduating from her recent RYT 200 yoga teacher training program, has dedicated herself to a new way of connecting with and helping people through yoga and her own homemade nature-infused body care line. Lisa brings a real enthusiasm for gentle, restorative and relaxation techniques and adjuncts to her practice.  


Alona Orofino
Alona is a lover of fitness, nutrition, and finding balance in life.  She first began practicing yoga in college while studying the performing arts.  After years of practice, she was exposed to Pitaiyo, which blended her love of yoga with the meditative nature of tai chi and the strength of pilates.  She has been teaching Pitaiyo for over three years now.  It challenges the mind and body in a way that is unique and life changing.  In addition to her training in Pitaiyo, Alona is a certified Health Coach with her Masters in Nutrition from Maryland University of Integrative Health.


Amy Peery
With a devoted interest in health and wellness, and sincere belief in the transformational powers of yoga, Amy seeks to help her students find confidence, happiness, and continual growth in their yoga practice.  Her personal yoga journey began in 2010 when she was merely looking for a well-rounded form of exercise to incorporate into her regimen.  Just like so many yogis before her, Amy found not only physical endurance, but also an untapped well of emotional strength and compassion revealed to her in her daily practice.  Hoping to assist others in their journey toward health and contentment, she is currently studying and will complete her teacher training at Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg in June of 2016, at which time she will be able to register as a RYT-200 with Yoga Alliance.  Amy encourages a spirit of mindfulness, self-love, and patience in yoga and in life.


Bobbi Stoakes
Bobbi is an RYT-200 (Registered Yoga Teacher with 200-hour certification), having completed her training here in Fredericksburg through Dragonfly in 2016. Often described as adventurous and athletic, I was first drawn to yoga as a physical practice but quickly found other beautiful qualities of yoga and needed more! And once I experienced more, I just knew I had to share it with others. Yoga can offer pain and stress reduction, strength and balance improvement, calm mind and patience, body awareness and relaxation, joy and fun. So as a yoga instructor, I strive to create a safe and welcoming space for students to explore their yoga and breath-body-mind connection. 


Britt Valentine
Britt, MEd, RYT-200 has been working with children and adolescents for over 15 years in the counseling and education field, dealing with a variety of matters such as peer issues, emotional regulation, confidence and self-concept, anxiety, and depression. She found yoga after a series of physical therapy appointments for chronic back pain. While the pain management was the initial reason for going, the mind body connection and the tenets of peacefulness, acceptance, and compassion fueled the desire to continue and develop a consistent yoga practice. Britt began studying and using mindfulness with her young clients. She completed her RYT in Spring of 2016 at Dragonfly Studio in Fredericksburg and is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. Britt is passionate about working with others and using yoga and mindfulness to create a mind/body connection that cultivates wellness, self-compassion, and acceptance. 



Steve Watkins

Lead Teacher of the Yoga Foundation of Fredericksburg Teacher Training, has been teaching yoga in the Fredericksburg community for more than ten years. He is certified as an E-RYT-200 by Yoga Alliance (Experience-Registered Yoga Teacher with 200 hours of training), and has taught more than 1,500 yoga classes for students at all levels and for all ages. He started YFF’s At Ease Warrior class for military members, veterans, and their families and helped teach it for the past two years. He also started and taught regular yoga classes for YFF at the juvenile detention center and at a school for teens with emotional and developmental issues. Steve retired as professor emeritus of English in 2012 after 22 years at the University of Mary Washington. He is an award-winning novelist, father of four daughters, and director of Development for Tree Fredericksburg. His author web site is


Emily Webb
Emily was first introduced to Pitaiyo in 2007, and she quickly fell in love. Emily started practicing yoga over 10 years ago to improve her running and immediately saw the need for the mind body connection and flexibility that it provided. Pitaiyo gave her the yoga that she loved, with Pilates for her core, and the Tai Chi was just enough movement to keep her interested. Emily is passionate about fitness and healthy eating and loves to run and cook for her family in her spare time. In addition to her Pitaiyo certification, she is also Group Exercise/Bootcamp certified. Two years ago Emily started the Fredericksburg Christian School Run Club and has been greatly encouraged by helping children reach their fitness goals. She loves to see the positive results that come from hard work and a healthy lifestyle.  


Dori Weitz
Dori delivers an eclectic, satisfying, and fun-filled yoga experience drawn from more than 30 years of diverse yoga practice.  She uses yoga and meditation techniques to help her students (and herself!) navigate through life. As a military veteran, a now “retired” Navy wife, a mother, and a healer, Dori understands the demands and twists of everyday living. Her yoga classes will challenge you but they are accessible and open to all levels of yoga practitioners. Be prepared to move beyond building your strength, balance, and flexibility as you explore your inner drive and the relaxation techniques you can use to unlock your full potential. Dori is also a nationally certified massage therapist, an aroma therapist, a third-level reiki practitioner and a whole-food nutrition advocate.


Maura Wilson
Maura has been teaching yoga in Fredericksburg for the past seven years.  She blends her traditional training from the Integral Yoga Institute at Yogaville with contemporary Vinyasa and prenatal trainings to offer a grounded and soulful classes and workshops. Maura is passionate about supporting expectant mothers and families with prenatal, preschool, and adult yoga classes.