I say that Buti Yoga found me.

Often, the universe offers things in life and we choose if/when we are ready to accept them. A friend who thought it looked like a unique and fun workout brought Buti Yoga to my attention. At a time when I was feeling lost in my career, unmotivated from a physical set back due to an injury and trying to pursue a dream of a fulfilling and meaningful career. My physical set back drained my spirit mentally and left me feeling lost and without purpose. For months after physical therapy, I returned to a yogic mindset in order to get back to an active lifestyle. Buti Yoga popped up on my social media feed and I immediately looked into the “Dare to Bare Challenge” online that Buti was offering at the time. The challenge offered 14 days of free workouts and daily questions to reflect on. The questions in combination with this workout opened up so many emotional blocks that I had yet to face in order to begin healing. It was just what my soul needed! I fell in love with the practice, the online community, and everything Buti stood for. I decided to become a certified instructor so that I could share this practice with everyone. Buti has shown me what I am capable of and has brought me out of my shell. It has taught me that I have a purpose and that it was within me all along. It allowed me to access confidence and to pursue something meaningful that I can share. I want everyone to feel that “BUTI BLISS!”