Payments For The Pass Line And Don’t Pass In Craps

There are equal value payouts you deposit 10.00 and the dealer if you win gives you 10.00 in winnings

There are payouts that give you more than the value you wagered you bet 10.00 the dealer gives you back 14.00

There are has the payouts that give you less than your initial bet you bet 10.00 we give you 5.00

There are the payouts which give you more than the starting value and to which we add the Buy button and give us even more

There are the payments which gives you several times your stake you bet 10.00 and you are given 150.00

As you can see it’s not obvious so let’s start slowly and explain each category and why it’s so complicated.

First of all in Craps like all other casino games everything is more about the casino and this is where the math comes in, but don’t worry, we’ll just go over the reasoning, because what we want is just to understand.

Here is the table which in a way decides the value of the payments

When we roll the dice each of the 36 figures here present risks to come out following a throw … but some of these totals are the most obvious the same there are 6 totals which give 7 therefore the 7 to 6 chances out of 36 of leaving in a world balanced then if you deposit a bet on the total 8 there are 5 chances to come out and 6 that it is a 7 so the casino will establish the payments according to this reasoning and always taking care to have an advantage

OK now let’s go back to payment

And start with the Pass Line

You deposit a 10.00 bet on the Pass Line you earn 10.00 so it’s an equal bet,

but on the first roll of the dice there is the Come Out Roll which gives you an additional advantage if the 7 or 11 rolled you were the winner and also if the 2, 3 and 12 came out you were the loser

There is 6 chances that the 7 will come out and 2 that the 11 will come out total 8 chances

There is 1 chance that the 2 or 12 will come out and 2 that the 3 so 4 chances

So the casino gives you a bit of an advantage to balance its advantage, but that’s not all you are also allowed to add an additional bet under the first which is also to your advantage, i.e. the Odds and if you win you will be paid more that your Odds bet so another advantage that the casino gives you and that is Odds are paid again taking into account the table above

By passing the 4 and the 10 are identical for the payments and the 5 and the 9 are also identical and finally the 6 and 8 too …

So we have three groups to understand (4 and 10, 5 and 9, and 6 and 8), because in the table they have per group the same number of chances of leaving so their payments are equivalent

So on the Odds of the Pass line here is how to understand your possibilities and their payment you understood that to have the right to put an odds bet there must be a point established either 4,5,6,8,9 or 10 and depending on point c is what decides how much time you can put under the first bet …

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